About Us

Anel Degnore, born in Mexico city, the taco capital of the world, has always had a passion for cooking. Anel grew up helping her mother prepare tamales, quesadillas, tacos, gorditas, sopes, baked goods, and an assortment of other traditional Mexican meals (from all states of Mexico), and selling them out of the storefront located below their home. When Anel moved to Michigan, she was impressed with the with the amount of Mexican restaurants around Metro Detroit; But disappointed in the lack of authentic Mexican dishes found at these restaurants.

In 2021 during the midst of the pandemic Sean and Anel began working on their proprietary masa blend used to prepare their handmade tortillas, while also working on their speed since 100% of our tortillas are handmade, fresh. They also began locating and sourcing the ingredients required to re-create their unique, authentic Mexico city flavor. And in the spring of 2022 launched their first products including Yellow and Blue corn Tortillas, Yellow corn tortilla chips, Pan de Leche, Conchas and Elianitas (butter cookies); with local pick-up and delivery options for Birmingham, Clawson, Troy, Royal Oak and Ferndale 

Shortly thereafter in summer 2022, their pop-up restaurants/ store was launched serving up an assortment of authetnic tacos on fresh handmade corn tortillas, (including breakfast options).

They hope to continue to expand their reach both within and outside of Michigan.